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    make waves.
    Swells travel thousands of miles across oceans before forming waves. From buildup to breakout, marketing ripples take a lot of mileage.
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    It’s a tight race to the finish line.
    The difference is in the relay. Streamlined integration is key to carrying on your brand’s baton.
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    beyond the surface.
    See the unseen. Discover the next big thing. Have a whale of a time branding.
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    dive deeper.
    The pressure grows the deeper he goes. So too do insights into a world of marketing possibilities.
Welcome to ROOTS

Brought to life in 1991, we are a full-service, 360° integrated marketing agency with offices in Malaysia and Singapore. Our multidisciplinary teams ideate compelling campaigns and build lasting relationships between brands and people.


Brand Management

Bring the seed of an idea to life. Breathe lively details into your event with our hands-on production approach that caters to every bespoke fantasy. If there’s an idea, we’ve got the custom solution.

Brand Activation

Activate your brand into experiential journeys, connecting you with your customers through brand-building roadshows, exhibitions and conferences, and consumer events.

Public Relations

Deliver effective reputation management campaigns that tell enduring brand stories. We choose the best way to communicate your brand, manage reputation, build relationships, and coach your spokespersons.


Accelerate your business with technology. From marketing automation to social media management and performance-based marketing, we help brands transform in a digital world. 

Relationship Marketing

We front the frontlines of your customer interactions, managing your calls and database. Getting a customer to respond and stay loyal is front and center of our CRM philosophy.


Get the ball rolling on your branding and rebranding efforts, from creative conceptualization to production of marketing collateral for multiple formats that excites your audience.

Branded Content

Strategize & deploy editorial, video and visual content that inspires your audience to take action. Supported by our network of influencers to give your brand the lift it needs to take off.